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Diamond Rings that are Expensive

Have you ever wondered what the most expensive diamond ring in the world looks like? Occasionally a diamond is mined that simply takes the breath away.  A diamond bigger, clearer and more stunning than all the others. These special gems are often mounted in rings and sold for colossal sums of money.  If you are going to spend this kind of money on a ring it might be best to get an Accountants in Cheltenham firm to help you with your finances. if you need an accountant in cheltenham visit randall and payne for expert advice and help.    Here are some of the world’s most amazing diamonds:

The Pink Star

If pink is your thing, you’d love the Pink Star – a £59.60 carat pink gem and the biggest Flawless Fancy Vivid diamond ever to be graded. It goes down in history as the most expensive and most valuable diamond ever to sell at auction, selling for $71.2 million. The company that purchased it are called Chow Tai Fook and the diamond was renamed the CTF Pink.

The Oppenheimer Blue Diamond Ring

This diamond is second on the list of most expensive gems sold at auction, selling in Geneva for $57.7 million in 2016. The diamond was mined at the Cullinan mine in South Africa and named after Sir Philip Oppenheimer who bought the ring to gift to his wife. Lucky wife!

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The Graff Pink

This pink diamond was bought by Laurence Graff for $46.2 million in 2010. The jeweller exclaimed that the emerald-cut pink stone was the most amazing diamond he had ever seen in his whole career. The now-named Graff Pink was placed into a platinum band and bordered by two white diamonds. Pink diamonds are rare but highly sought after. Only around 50 enter the market each year but cost up to 40% more per carat.

The Cullinan Dream

As with the Oppenheimer Blue, the Cullinan Dream was also discovered in the South African Cullinan mine. The 24.18-carat gem sold for just over $25 million in an auction at Christies in 2016. The Cullinan Dream is mounted on a platinum ring with baguette-cut stones bordering it. The Cullinan Dream and Oppenheimer Blue both come from the same 122-carat rough blue diamond discovered in the mine in 2014.

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The Bulgari Blue Ring – $15.7 Million
When sold at auction, this ring was the most expensive in the world, but this has since been surpassed. It sold for $15.7 million and is the largest blue diamond to be cut into a triangle-cut in the world. The ring also features a o9.87 carat white diamond, as well as a further 10.95 carat Vivid Blue diamond. It was originally valued at $5 million but became a bit of a good omen for its owners, which boosted the price significantly. It was owned by a childless woman, who after buying the ring, gave birth to a baby boy.

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