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5 Budget-Friendly Business Hacks To Help You On Your Path To Success

There’s no denying the blood, sweat, tears, and determination that all successful business’ founders have had to go through to reach the point that they’re at today. It’s helped to provide a sturdy foundation to build and develop the business, ensure that operations run smoothly, and provide only the best customer service.

While the business needs of any new business are essential, it can be challenging to meet them, especially when you have a small budget and an even smaller team.  Luckily, technological development has allowed businesses to implement various systems and services to get the job done at a fraction of the price.

Let’s take a look at some of the more budget-friendly solutions available to help and boost your small business’s success.

5 tips for boosting your business – and the tools to assist you in doing so

#1. Customize your domain

Officially registering your company’s domain is a huge step as it provides a unique identity and home for your business. This will also allow customizing your email names to give your business a more professional look. Let’s face it, we would rather work with a business with a professional-looking email address than one that’s still using a “@gmail.com”. There are a lot of web hosting solutions on the market, so do your research before committing to one and make sure that they understand the needs and challenges of a small business.

#2. Basic operational tools

Look into computer software that gives your employee access to basic software such as Word or Excel, as well as online cloud storage that’s properly secured. Microsoft 365 can do exactly that. It gives your business access to all the Microsoft Office products that you’re familiar with as well as optimized security solutions and even cloud storage. Not only is it easy to use and implement, but it also makes remote working a breeze.

#3. Accounting software

You need a reliable and user-friendly accounting set up to stay on top of your business expenses and potential income. Hiring a full-time accountant can be costly, so try looking into services like Xero and Sage that give you the tools to manage your finances and all that goes with it in one convenient, cloud-based location. Xero even offers a free one-month trial so that you can see what’s available and determine whether or not it will work for you.

#4. Improve business visibility

In the online world, customers need to be able to find your business, especially when they have a pressing need that has to be met. With people consistently searching for things on Google and social media platforms, the potential exposure is immeasurable. SO, to ensure that you’re able to find the people in need of your products or services, why lot tailor your approach to reach them using Google Ads or boosted Facebook posts? You determine your budget, which means that you’re in control of the ad spending.

#5. Stay in touch with new and existing customers

The easiest way to share business updates and promotions is through regular emailers. While you can simply type an email and spam the world, why not “level up” this approach and send out beautifully designed emailers that will catch the attention of the recipients? Software such as Mailchimp can help you manage your monthly emailers and provide a report on the performance of your communications. You can create emails like those that entice you to register to play at cryptothrills.io, or you can advertise new products, launches or promotions.

#6. It’s About Working Smarter

We live in a digital world where new technologies are more accessible than ever. There’s no reason to be left behind and go unnoticed when it comes to your business, you simply need to be proactive.

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