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The durability and versatility of a pair of jeans

Once upon a time, jeans were seen as a humble, everyman item of clothing – comfortable, durable and easily affordable by everybody. They were (and still are) worn by cowboys, by mothers, by country singers, by youths in the park and by A-list celebrities in their ‘dressed-down’ moments. But in recent years the lowly jean has undergone a sexy transformation and become a premium item, with some designer brands selling from anywhere between $100 and $1000 or more.

They are fashionable as well as durable and are often the clothing item of choice when taking part in some adrenaline-fuelled activities such as a Tank Driving Experience or perhaps when taking part in a fishing day. If you are enjoying a Tank Driving day you may not want to wear your best jeans though!

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It all began in 2000, with the launch of Seven for All Mankind, which changed the face of denim and turned jeans into a designer garment with a long, slender cut and vintage wash that gave each pair laidback sex appeal. Along with this hot new look came a heftier price tag, which all of a sudden seemed acceptable in order to own such stylish designer denim.

Five years later, and jeans had shaken off their humble origins and become a lusted-after brand-name clothing item, turning the premium denim market into an industry worth billions of dollars. Part of the appeal these days is undoubtedly due to celebrity endorsements, with everyone from Gwyneth Paltrow to Angelina Jolie walking around in designer jeans.

However, another key factor of premium denim’s success is the unavoidable fact that designer jeans do make you look better than regular, more affordable pairs. This is down to the stylish cut and artfully positioned pockets, which are carefully crafted to elongate the leg and lift the bottom, resulting in an attractive silhouette.

People are also paying top dollar purely for the prestige of owning an expensive brand-name pair; they have now become as much of a status symbol as a Balenciaga handbag or an Armani suit. Of course, with fashion trends famously coming and going, the desire for designer jeans may start to ebb, but for now, they are very much in vogue.

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One thing is for sure: no matter how much you pay for your pair, jeans never go out of style!

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