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10 Reasons to Choose a Natural Wool Sweater

1. Renewable Source
Sheep grow their fleeces back annually, and farmers actively work to improve efficiency and care of natural resources, making wool a renewable source that can be sustained for generations to come.

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2. 100% Natural
Wool is a 100% natural fibre and produces a fabric that is efficient and protective. It can be used on many kinds of items, from natural bedding to a women’s Merino wool Irish sweater

3. All Weather
Wool is one of the best all-weather materials known to man, and it reacts to changes in body temperature so that you can stay warm in the cold or release heat when you’re hot, so it’s perfect for all kinds of climates.

4. It’s Biodegradable
Natural wool fibres only take a few years to decompose, so wool is a highly biodegradable fabric. Once broken down, it can be used as fertilizer or topsoil for gardening.

5. Safe for Everyone
Wool offers higher UV protection than most synthetic fabrics. It’s also anti-allergenic, so it’s the fabric of choice for asthmatics as it resists and repels dust mites. It has so many beneficial qualities, some of which you can read about at http://www.campaignforwool.org/2019/04/18/choose-the-world-choose-wool/.

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6. Highly Fir-Resistant

Wool isn’t completely fire-resistant, but it takes longer to catch fire, burns much slower and puts itself out when taken away from a direct flame.

7. Breathable
The structure of wool fabric has sizeable gaps to release heat and air and has a large capacity when absorbing moisture and sweat next to the skin. These two features combined mean it’s incredibly breathable.

8. Low Maintenance
The wool fibres have a natural protective layer that stops it from absorbing stains. It also prevents it from picking up dust and static.

9. Durable
Wool is one of the most durable natural substances you can find. It can be bent over 20,000 times without fraying or breaking, and it has the ability to recover its natural shape. Its elasticity means it will stretch out to the user’s body but then return to its original shape, which means good-quality wool products from https://www.shamrockgift.com/womens-Merino-wool-Irish-sweater will stay looking better for longer and won’t start to sag.

10. Comfortable

The feel of wool and its amazing variety of uses and properties mean that it can be beneficial all around the home. It’s great for natural insulation and can even aid in getting better sleep.

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