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What You Need To Know About NFL Betting

The NFL is possibly the greatest sports show in the US. And this is true for sports bettors too.

So popular is NBL betting today, that there are more accounts opened at the start of the annual NFL season than during any other month of the year.

The great thing about NFL betting is the incredible variety of choices at the punter’s disposal.

Below is a brief explanation that will help you gain a comprehensive understanding of how NFL betting works.

NFL Totals Betting

Betting on totals means predicting whether there will be more points or fewer points compared to the line set by a bookmaker.

Betting on the total means predicting the number of points scored by both teams (combined) during a game.

NFL Point Spread Betting

Betting the point spread is possibly the most popular wager when staking money on the NFL.

Also referred to as sides or line betting, the point spread takes into account that every game will feature an underdog and a favourite.

This type of bet is wagered by predicting whether the favourite will win by more or fewer points than what has been predicted by the bookie.

NFL Money Line Betting

This is the simplest form of NFL bet: predicting which team will emerge as the outright winner of the game.

Depending on how favoured one team is compared to the other, the punter will decide on the size of their bet based on the difference.

The other advantage of money line betting is that the bettor is free to wager any amount they choose.

NFL Teasers Betting

Teasers are a wonderful mix-up of totals and point-spread betting. This means the punter can tip the line in their favour.

For example:

The bookmaker has placed the New England Patriots at -8.5 in an upcoming game. By using a teaser bet, the punter can change that line in their particular favour.

A common teaser ratio is six points, meaning the punter will in this instance be able to back the Patriots at -2.5. Now, instead of the team having to win the game by nine points or more for the bet to be a winning wager, they’ll only need three or more points to gain the advantage.

While the odds associated with teaser bets are typically low, many bettors love the fun factor associated with this type of wager.

NFL Futures Betting

Since the NFL runs all season long, it makes sense that punters should be able to wager season-long bets. These wagers are often amongst the most-viewed NFL expert picks as they take skill to predict.

A popular futures bet is the annual NFL extravaganza: the Super Bowl. Super Bowl futures bet to rake in millions of dollars every year and are exceptionally popular among football fans.

Other examples include individual divisions and the National and American Conferences.

NFL Handicap Betting

A handicap bet happens when one team is awarded a point advantage in order for both teams to be close to even money.

Handicap bets are where the big action occurs in NFL betting.

In essence, the handicap bet evens the playing field.

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