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The importance of interior design in commercial spaces

Interior design is a concept we’re familiar with in terms of our homes, but it is also an important concept for public buildings, companies, and any commercial setting. Commercial design can transform a boring room into an interesting and inviting one, follow a particular theme or branding, and have a significant positive impact. Good design often goes unnoticed but can have a beneficial effect on those who spend time there, whether employees or the general visitor.

A commercial space could include areas such as offices, restaurants, lobbies, foyers hotels, theatres, retail stores or other places where people gather. Interior design starts with designers working with architects to come up with a plan that will define the look and feel of a space. The designers then finish the job, adding furniture, decoration and lighting to complete the planned appearance of the original schematics.

For places such as shops, interior design can attract customers, invite more people into the stores and hopefully they will spend more time inside. The design also can reflect the theme and branding of companies, such as technology companies creating an interior design theme that is very futuristic and efficient. Restaurants can make great use of design elements to create an atmosphere that is relevant to the type of food they serve. It’s all about creating an inviting experience that makes people want to stay longer and spend more.

For a designer, it is important to understand the needs of commercial clients. A designer may use the help of sketches, models, or computer simulations to help their clients better visualize the space they want to design. For bespoke lighting, a craftsperson must understand the client’s plan for a particular room and come up with suggestions that keep pace with the overall design.

A designer will also have a good knowledge of the design elements such as lines, shapes and colours to ensure perfect pieces for the space.Light is very important. Studies have shown that hospital patients recover better in natural light and high school students perform better. Natural-looking light helps the body in its regulation of the hormone melatonin, which affects our body clock. This in turn affects sleep patterns and digestion. Light also helps increase our production of serotonin, a hormone that reduces the likelihood of depression.

Commercial interior design can take the form of contemporary and modern, using existing styles or create something completely new. Contemporary style is a popular choice for lobbying companies, technology companies and even some government departments. Drawing from the past is also an option, using traditional materials such as wood to create a warm atmosphere. It is often applied in areas that require an entertaining atmosphere such as a restaurant or retail store.

The interior of the building should use light and space in such a way as to positively impact the people who work or visit. They should be designed around the needs of the occupants. The most amazing building in the world will be useless if it cannot fulfil its function effectively. The ability to trigger the physical, psychological and physiological is at the forefront of modern interior design concepts. While it is still quite difficult to build a perfect place, achieving a balance between form and function is very important.

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