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Fridge Brands in the Top Ten

The fridge is an essential part of the home, keeping food chilled to the right temperature all year round. There is a huge range of brands and choices available on the market, from a large number of manufacturers. If you want to be the one that everyone chooses, however, asking a Branding Agency found at sites such as reallyhelpfulmarketing.co.uk/services/brand-development-gloucester/ Some people are looking for commercial refrigeration, with large-sized units designed to cater to the public, while most are simply needing a domestic fridge and freezer suitable for the care of their own produce.

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Commercial refrigeration techniques influenced the domestic market, with technologies filtering through various areas to improve performance in fridges of all sizes. Consumer reports list the top brands, many of which offer both domestic and commercial machinery. Companies like Which? are able to discuss the various appliances and offer advice to customers.


Originating from Turkey, the Beko brand have a wide range of items which are generally some of the best value and lowest price on the market. Their fridge freezers are available in several sizes and styles, but all offer a blend of good pricing with quality performance.


Owned by parent company Indesit, the Italian company, Hotpoint is one of the largest fridge freezer brands within the United Kingdom. Their integrated and freestanding models are mid-priced, of a comparable standard.


A premium brand, part of the Electrolux group, AEG also offers freestanding and built-in appliances. Heavy on features, these are priced a little higher than other brands but come with additional extras which budget models may not offer.


Bosch is perhaps the most well-known fridge freezer brand within the UK, with a great reputation for efficiency owing to its high build quality. Originating in Germany, Bosch is a part of an organization that also includes Siemens and Neff brands. Bosch fridge freezers are priced in the mid to high end, with a range of styles and options to suit most households.


Parent company to Hotpoint, Indesit also make fridge freezers in their own name. These are generally relatively inexpensive, with few of the additional features which can increase prices but have a good reputation and offer no-frills food storage.


High-end German label Miele creates appliances which are top of the range, including the latest technologies and premium features. These can also have a strong design influence, perfect for the modern home.


A Korean brand, LG creates popular American-style freestanding fridge freezers as well as a range of two-door conventional models. These offer a range of features and are generally mid-priced, with their American-style models being competitively priced against comparable products.


Although more well-known for other electrical items, Samsung also makes a successful range of fridge freezers in the mid to upper sections of the market.


Affordable kitchen appliances are the specialty of Italian label Zanussi, with a wide selection priced to suit even those on a tight budget. Again, these include a variety of items, from the built-in to the freestanding models.


Famed for their distinctive ‘retro’ look, Smeg fridge freezers are as much a style choice as they are a practical option. Bright colors and smooth shapes add to the appeal.

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