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Don’t underestimate the importance of your reception area

As with anything in life, first impressions count. The reception area is the first place visitors see, which is why it is important to ensure their first impression of your business is a good one. The reception area should reflect your brand, look professional, and be inviting and organized.

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When you are planning your reception area, think about how it looks and don’t forget to be practical. It needs to be kept clean and tidy and look inviting and clutter-free.

Here are five handy tips to ensure your reception area makes a good impression:

Choose furnishings carefully

By choosing easy-clean furnishings, it will be quick and easy to clear up a mess if a visitor spills a coffee. You only need enough reception chairs to accommodate your visitors – too few can leave guests feeling awkward and having to stand, while too many will make the area look cluttered. It is important to have a good range of reception chairs that can be easily maintained and washed or wiped down to stay looking smart.

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Get plants

Plants will not only make your reception area look stylish but are also a great way of keeping the air in the office pure, as plants absorb toxins. Make sure they are well looked after and kept in good condition and that any spillages from watering are cleaned up.

Good storage

Keep the reception area looking clean, tidy and organized with good storage solutions. It is not only important that clutter is kept to a minimum but also that you take into consideration that there may be important documents and information that needs to be accessed quickly and the receptionist needs to be able to act efficiently and calmly when locating this. Good storage and filing systems will mean everything can be found quickly.

Make it interesting

The reception area is where your visitors will be waiting. Consider what you can offer that will pass the time for them, such as a TV, magazines or books. Consider who will be spending time here and what is appropriate for them.


Try to make the area appeal to the visitors you are expecting and choose the right sort of lighting, colour palette and any artwork on the walls to reflect the personality of your brand.

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