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Creating a comfortable home

There are few places that have as strong an impact on our well-being as our home. Our homes are where we relax and recharge, a place to call our own, where we can simply be ourselves. Our homes are a reflection of how we welcome others into our lives and invite them to look into our personalities and values.

When arranging our homes, there are lots of things that we might want to achieve. We may want them to reflect a part of our personality, to facilitate an activity or mood, or even urge us towards a certain way of life. For many, their house is foremost a place to find the physical and spiritual comfort. Here are some ideas for making a home more comforting and relaxing:

Natural materials – There is a reason natural ingredients are considered good for the soul. As a species, we have worked with and been surrounded by materials such as wood, wool and clay for thousands of years. There is something very soothing about stepping onto a bare wooden floor, the feel of naturally wrinkled linen or holding an ornament made from a piece of wood. They make us feel calmer and more in tune with the natural world around us. Consider incorporating natural materials when you look for Fitted Wardrobes Hampshire. Find out more at a site like lamco-design.co.uk/fitted-wardrobes/

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Handmade – There is a beauty of craftsmanship and charm in items made by hand that are almost impossible to replicate in factory mass production. Whether it’s small imperfections that make each item unique or small traces preserved in the material, handmade goods have soulful quality that makes them feel comfortable and down to earth. Moreover, there is a comforting relationship in the understanding that we own an item created by another tangible person. An individual who has invested their effort, time and talent into creating a functional or beautiful object that can take pride of place in our house. Often the more we know about how (and by whom) the object was created, the item becomes more meaningful to us.

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Imperfections – A house that has the elements of imperfections is often far more comfortable than the perfectly unified space. There is a feeling of ease and comfort about not having to be too concerned about the chips or marks that are the result of everyday family life. Worn and well-loved homes that have soaked up the experiences of time not only tell stories about those who have lived there but also remind their owners and guests that any signs of use or minor accidents will become part of the story as well. Thankfully, these feelings of ease are not just reserved for old properties. A few vintage pieces here and there can serve as a starting point to create a relaxed atmosphere in a new house or one that is being redecorated.


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