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5 Essential Qualities of a Successful Christian Pastor

A pastor must be blameless or above reproach (Titus 1:7). This doesn’t mean that a pastor never makes mistakes but that his actions and intentions must be pure. Interestingly, people intuitively seek traits of the heart over skills of the trade when choosing a church leader. This is true of small churches as well as large ones.

They are Great Listeners

One of the essential qualities a Christian pastor Brooklyn, NY, needs to have is the ability to listen. When people come to the church with personal problems and spiritual concerns, they expect their pastor to be available to talk about them and offer advice. However, this doesn’t mean the pastor should dispense his opinion or philosophy. Instead, he should dispense God’s Word to the church. Leading a congregation takes a lot of patience, especially when members question or disagree with you. A meek person hears the Lord’s rebuke, but a foolish man’s wrath stirs up strife (Proverbs 19:11). A good pastor listens to understand before he responds. This skill makes him a great leader. He is also able to connect with his audience through his preaching style.

Their Identity is Not Their Vocation

A pastor should not enter the ministry for money. He must genuinely love what is good (Titus 1:8) and have the self-control to resist temptations to use his position for dishonest gain. Pastors are often uniquely positioned to influence people to give them things, and they naturally tend to help themselves in their community. Congregations expect their pastor to be above reproach in their personal lives. That doesn’t mean they want their ministers to be perfect, but it does mean that their conduct should be blameless and without corruption. These pastors are also men and women of prayer who take time to spend with God daily. They know their weaknesses and seek to compensate for them by the power of the Holy Spirit.

They Are Intentional About Personal Witnessing

When choosing a pastor to connect with and follow spiritually, people prioritize caring for the congregation over preaching, administration, and ministry programming skills. These pastors are not there to dispense their own opinions or political beliefs in the pulpit; they are there to faithfully dispense God’s Word to their church. And they do this with great intentionality. If you want to see your pastor succeed, support him in his decisions and pray fervently for him. Be his ally, and he will be yours as well. A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs anger.

They Have Unconditional Love for Their Critics

Ministry is difficult, especially local church ministry. Pastors can get wounded by “friendly fire” (barbs, insults, and accusations carelessly fired by insensitive members and colleagues). But highly effective pastors persevere. They do this because they love the Lord and His Word. They know that a clean conscience before God enables them to handle verbal criticism effectively – whether fair or unfair. They also realize their labors are not about themselves and their comfort but about advancing the Great Commission. They have an eternal perspective in mind, enabling them to love their critics unconditionally – even when it hurts. It’s a mark of true spiritual maturity. This quality helps pastors avoid getting caught up in a maze of individual expectations. Instead, they can focus on meeting collective community targets and preventing anxiety.

They Persevere

When congregations look for qualities to expect from their pastors, things like good preaching, wise administration, and vital ministry programs matter. But what people intuitively seek is a pastor’s good character and moral integrity. A successful pastor is a man of God who genuinely loves what is good, not what is wrong. Influential pastors are passionate about Jesus and serve their church wholeheartedly. They don’t allow the frustrations and disappointments of ministry to discourage them. They persevere and keep working in Christ’s power. The best part is that their greatest reward comes from serving Jesus’ flock, not climbing a perceived ladder of success in the church world.

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